Our Story

Who is Louie and what makes his food taste so good?
Louie’s story began in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn where he grew up. The neighborhood was truly a melting pot of every ethnic group imaginable.

His neighbors prepared foods from their family background as though they were prepared in the “old country”. They had no real refrigeration, just ice boxes, so all the meals were prepared with fresh produce and cheese, and so on, there just was no such thing as frozen or prepared foods, and it was all fresh.

He and his friends would make the rounds to see what the mothers were cooking for dinner, and whatever looked the best, was usually their destination after a hard day playing “stick ball” or “kick the can”. Then their noses lead them to the good food! They might have had Pasta or a Kugel or a Tsimmus or a Shaslik, you never knew what was cooking.

Preparing and serving good food is the Uncle Louie story in a nut shell. We start out with the freshest ingredients avoiding commercially prepared foods whenever possible. Our cooks are dedicated to their craft and not just filling in time until something better comes along. We have only one goal that is to satisfy our customers and to make sure that they enjoy their experience with us and tell their friends that Uncle Louie serves great food!

“It may not be as good as our mothers, but we think you’ll like what we do”.

Buona Fortuna!

The Uncle Louie Family

Owner, Marie Skorish